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What Value Should HR be Giving to Organizations

It is common for some business owners, especially in SMEs or startup organizations, to initially overlook the value of HR, because their understanding of what HR should do is administrative functions, such as recruitment, payroll, benefits administration, and compliance

While business owners or other functions such as Finance or Admin can still do compliance and operational HR functions, they need HR professionals to provide strategic direction in creating a Human resource advantage through the development of HR strategies that align with business Strategy.

HR provides significant value to an organization when it aligns its activities with the overall business strategy and acts as a key driver of business success, helping the company achieve its goals and remain competitive in a dynamic market.

Benefits of The HR Function to Organisations

Here are key contributions that HR should give organization:

Strategic Partnership

HR as part of the management team should be actively involved in strategic plan formulation by providing insights on Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat analysis (SWOT) and understanding of internal and external environment when it comes to Human resource needs,

Design, and align HR strategies to business strategy and develop HR policies and procedures to support implementation while paying attention to legal requirements.

This helps organizations respond to changing market dynamics and gain a competitive edge over their competitors

Talent Acquisition and Retention.

Acquiring the right talent who not only have the required skills but also fits the organization’s culture and aligns with its strategic goals is a vital task for organizations that want to increase their revenue and grow in the market

HR plays a critical role in attracting, recruiting, training, and retaining the best talent.

This involves a whole exercise of Job design, Development of Job descriptions, Interviewing and screening, onboarding, training, proper evaluation, and designing competitive packages that benefit the company and motivate employees.

While recruitment is a critical part of talent acquisition that fills immediate vacant positions, talent acquisition is a long-term strategy to make sure organizations have a pipeline of candidates to fill future staffing needs by building a strong employer brand and Upskilling current employees to fill in C-suites position

Performance Management

A well-managed HR function plays a critical role in the company’s success as it is responsible for the quality of employees in terms of Skills, and capabilities in delivering exceptional performance.

HR adds value to organizations as it manages performance by establishing performance metrics and key performance indicators(KPIs) in line with the strategic goal, conducting regular performance reviews, and providing feedback to drive employee performance in the desired direction through reinforcement of good performance with rewards, promotions, increased responsibility and remuneration and managing poor performance through performance improvement plans.

They should also offer training based on skilled gaps identified and train managers on how to measure and drive the performance of their teams.

Employee Development and Training

HR should work with management to Identify skill gaps in the workforce and create training and development programs to address them.

They should focus on leadership development to groom future leaders who can drive the organization’s strategy

Succession planning

Succession planning is making sure there is a pipeline of talent to fill critical roles as they become vacant. HR Should identify high-potential employees and develop plans for their advancement, identify skill gaps, and put in place strategies that promote career development

Enhance Employee Engagement and Collaboration

Employee engagement is not only about recognizing employees for good performance or team-building activities, it is about effective communication and listening, Ensuring employees feel included and valued, and good onboarding and career development programs.

HR should develop engagement strategies that keep employees motivated and committed to the organization’s mission and Identify and address factors that may lead to employee turnover.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion champion

HR promotes diversity and inclusion initiatives that support the organization’s strategic goals and foster innovation by making sure diversity and inclusivity is embedded in the business strategy, educating leader on unconscious bias, inclusion, and equity, sharing DEI metrics

Post-COVID era there is a need to put in structures that will support remote work and flexible working hours that will create a more diverse workforce that reflects the customer base and markets served.

Create a Safe Workplace

A safe workplace is not only about a reduction in the number of work-related accidents or Physical safety. It is also about creating a psychologically safe environment where employees are allowed to share ideas, speak up, raise concerns, and share ideas without fear of being humiliated or punished. It is about supporting employees’ mental health and well-being

HR should define and create a psychologically safe environment and support programs that enhance employee health, well-being, and work-life balance, which can contribute to overall productivity and performance.

Cost Management

It is the responsibility of HR to minimize cost and maximize profit with it comes to people function by Optimizing HR processes and resources, and monitoring and controlling HR-related expenses while maintaining quality and efficiency.

They also mitigate legal risks associated with employment practices that could impact the organization’s profitability by ensuring that HR practices and policies comply with relevant labor laws and regulations

Innovation and Agility.

HR shouldfoster a culture of innovation and agility within the workforce to adapt to changing market conditions and stay competitive by encouraging the workforce to embrace a digital transformation mindset.

Adopt the use of technology in the HR processes for efficiency, establish HR as a center of Excellence, and move away from administrative tasks.

People Analytics

HR should utilize data analytics to provide insights into HR metrics, such as turnover rates, recruitment effectiveness, Training effectiveness, DEI metrics, and employee performance that can inform strategic decisions.


 We provide organizations with a combination of expertise, strategic guidance, and practical solutions to optimize their HR function, support their business strategy, and drive overall performance and success.

Here values that an organization should get from our HR advisory services:

Strategic HR Support

We provide valuable insights into the development of HR strategies in line with the organization’s overall business objectives.

We offer expertise in workforce planning, talent management, succession planning, job evaluation Salary Surveys to support strategic goals.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

We help our clients attract and retain top talent by assisting in recruitment and selection and providing strategies for onboarding, employee engagement, and retention.

We assist in employer branding and improving the candidate experience.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Through HR audits and assessments we identify compliance gaps and recommend corrective actions.

We assist in ensuring that the Organization complies with the best HR Practices and local and international labor laws, mitigates legal risks, and remains competitive.

Performance Management

We offer expertise in designing performance appraisal systems, setting key performance indicators (KPIs), Reviewing existing KPIs, and developing feedback mechanisms in line with strategic Objectives.

We help organizations optimize performance management processes by transitioning them from Manual to automated system

Change Management

We guide organizations through organizational changes, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, redundancy, and Massive layoffs, by offering change management strategies and support.

We help manage employee communication and facilitate the processes for smooth transitions and mitigate any legal risks.

Training and Development

We design customized training programs based on employees’ training needs and industry best practices to enhance your employee skills and competencies with a focus on leadership development and employee career progression in line with strategic objectives

HR Technology Solutions

We recommend, implement, and optimize HR technology solutions such as

 HRIS, ATS, and automated performance management systems, to streamline HR processes and improve data management.

Cost Optimization

We work with organizations to optimize HR processes and resources, ensuring that HR-related expenses are aligned with cost-saving strategies.

We advise them on both international and local labor laws, review the HR processes to ensure they are in compliance with policies and procedures and legal requirements to mitigate any risk associated with non-compliance and save the organization litigation costs

Employee Well-being and Diversity

We, support you with designing DEI initiatives that promote Diversity in your workforce and programs that promote employee well-being, and work-life balance, which can contribute to overall productivity and employee satisfaction.

Customized HR Outsourced Solutions

We offer tailor-made HR services to the specific needs and challenges of the organization

HR Analytics

We help organizations establish metrics and key performance indicators to track the impact of HR initiatives on the organization’s bottom line, helping to demonstrate a return on investment (ROI).

HR Best Practices

We   keep the organization updated on the latest HR trends, regulations, and best practices relevant to the industry

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