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More than ever, businesses are looking to get maximum returns on investments on behalf of their stakeholders. At Ronalds, we see life through the investor’s lenses while proactively working on how entities will sell, buy, raise funds, synergize and turn around in order to create or maintain an optimal value and impact.

Successful closed deals do not happen by chance for us! They come from realistic valuations, due diligence, identifying buyers or investors, identifying targets, structuring the deal and good negotiating. Thorough scrutiny of your industry analysis, your business scope and a bird’s eye view of a global environment is paramount.

Our team has an extensive knowledge, professionalism and an appetite geared towards solving finance related issues. We help to strategize, plan, implement and monitor all through as we simplify the sophisticated process for you.


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Ronalds LLP for Audit Tax Advisory


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Ronalds LLP for Audit Tax Advisory

Looking to sell?

When preparing to sell a business, gathering a wide variety of information for potential buyers to analyze is the first step.  Financial, legal, marketing, and operations information all need to be put together for examination. Moreover, appropriate valuations techniques in conjunction with current economic factors need to be incorporated so at to offer you a best-undisputed offer.

Our Deal Advisory team identifies potential risks and sheds light on the underlying benefits by simultaneously helping you maximize returns whilst maintaining an optimal business operability.

Key questions in your mind are addressed all the way through from planning, execution to reporting and completion as focus is maintained on maximization of returns with minimal disruptions during the process.

Deal blueprint: How can I maximize on the return when selling?

Deal exit points: Where is the most return achieved in case you exit?

Deal exit evaluation: Why is the deal of value to me?

Deal negotiation: What is the justifiable price that I should sell at?

Deal execution: When is the best time to sell and what is the deal process?

Post Deal Strategy: Investment portfolios to maximize on the returns.

Looking to buy?

We invest heavily in our network of acquirers and investors to ensure that we fully comply with your investment strategy and framework. From identifying targets or potential markets to running an efficient transaction and closing the deal, a number of decisions spring out therefore making a capital budgeting tool essential. This enables us to provide high quality acquisition and investment opportunities that align with your interests, unlocking value at every stage.

Deal blueprint: How can I maximize the shareholder’s return?

Deal pinpoint: Where is the most value created among the target deals?

Deal Analysis: Why is the deal of value to me?

Deal execution:What is the process for acquiring and when is the favorable time to purchase?

Deal negotiation: What is the best purchase price?

Post Deal Strategy: Retrospectively maximizing on the shareholder’s return.

  • Looking for funding?

We understand that capital financing decisions and evaluation of your need for equity, mezzanine, senior debt, leasing or a mix of various financing alternatives is a milestone for growth and prosperity. The sources of funds originate from our reputable network of more than eighty institutions across East Africa to global players with whom we have a relationship.

Our Deal Advisory experts have immense experience, knowledge and personal networks to offer hands-on strategic advice on processes and deal making.  We know the sector interests of the funds, ticket size breadth, capital mixture, tenure, rate of return and amount of equity stake to be offered to the funds accordingly.

Our focus is mostly driven on the business’ health and potential not collateral, as we walk together in identifying and tackling appropriate capital structure key questions.

Deal Strategy: How can I maximize shareholder’s value?

Deal pinpoint: What are the available and appropriate source of funds to be used?

Deal Analysis: Why would the particular source of finance derive the most value?

Deal execution: When is the most favorable time and what is the process for getting funds?

Deal negotiation: What is the best internal rate of return and amount of stake to be taken bythe investors?

Post Strategy: Communications etiquette and channels to foster both the lender and stakeholders relations.

  1. Looking to synergize?

Our integrated team not only deeply understands but also is a testimony that the combination of two or more entities should create a value greater than the individual’s value. If not, what is the point?

Ronalds Deal Advisory experts will more than assist from pre- deal acquisition to searching and screening targets to valuation and due diligence not forgetting thorough evaluation assessments after the deal closure.

We have an in-house dedicated team offering a one stop shop of strategic, financial, operational, tax, legal, risk and advisory advice to power you up the track and help you solve the puzzles.

Deal Strategy: How can I maximize value?

Deal pinpoint: What is the purpose of coming together?

Deal Analysis: Where are the perfect take-over candidates given the risks and rewards?

Deal execution: What does it take to get the deal best done?

Deal negotiation: When and how can I get the best offer?

Post Deal Strategy: Road map guidance to the synergy success or review.

  1. Looking to turnaround?

The world is now fast-paced meaning more incoming obstacles that companies have to seek ways around, to retrospectively adapt and re-strategise, and as a result, relinquish financial distress and pave the way for an outstanding financial performance flip.

Be it financial, operational or performance obstacles, Ronalds is at the edge to fill up the loopholes with the aim of turning the business around and spearhead excellent financial performance and restoring of the shareholder’s faith by stabilizing the liquidity and solvency issues.

Deal Strategy: How can I turn around the financial performance and maximize wealth?

Deal pinpoint:Where are the hitches in the financial performance?

Deal Analysis: What set of turn around strategies can optimize shareholder’s wealth?

Deal execution:What does it take to get the deal done while mitigating the risks?

Deal negotiation: When and how can I get through the best turn around strategies?

Post Deal Strategy:Rehabilitation and restoration support.

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