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Quality management; the silver bullet in production firms.

What is the making of a superbrand product? It is the dream of every executive to lead a star organization producing premium quality products in an efficient, cost effective manner with a highly motivated team and proud shareholders. To ensure you get a quality product you must set an internal system which conforms or supersedes the set standards specifications tailored for that product.

Quality control is a method of maintaining standards in manufactured items by evaluating a sample of the final product against a specification that has been validated and demonstrated to be a control to which it should adhere.

Having a sound quality management system which suits your production needs helps your organization in maintaining quality parameters in all your production phases on the production line which delivers the final quality product.

The importance of quality controls

  • Brings customer satisfaction 
  • reduces wastage and cuts down on the production costs
  • improves the Techniques,operations and production methods
  • quality stabilizes the product costs in the market and increases the revenue for the company
  • creates quality consciousness among the workers which helps in attaining the desired level of quality in the company products
  • reduces the inspection costs

The Main Areas in Manufacturing audit work.

  • quality control audit
  • the inventory audit
  • safety and health check audit
  • quality management in procurement of raw material audit
  • compliance audit

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