Management Consulting: More than Giving Advice


Management consulting is a process of providing professional advice to individuals and organizations to improve their existing operations. It involves expertise in areas of cost management, service leadership advisory business strategy, data analytics, project and portfolio management and market research. These are critical areas that affect many businesses today. In this article, we discuss the importance of management consulting and how one can access the services offered.

Why is Management Consulting important?

The main aim of management consulting is to drive business outcomes faster than organizations or businesses do internally. This is achieved by assisting businesses to bridge the gap between top leadership, middle management and juniors which is hard to eliminate due to factors such as office politics and others.

Management consulting also helps businesses and organizations achieve adaptability in an efficient manner. Consultants will help leadership teams discover their areas of strengths and weaknesses and ensure that improvements are achieved.

What is the management consulting process and how do we handle it?

Management consulting involves various stages namely:

  • Defining the problem-This is the breaking stone of every consultant. It involves creative thinking and analysis for one to identify the correct problem.
  • Analyze the problem- once the problems have been identified, consultants conduct various analyses to find the possible causes of the problem and why.
  • Set out priority issues to tackle and develop a work plan – Many issues usually emerge after problem definition and analysis. The consultant must identify the key management and risks based areas and give them priority over other matters which may arise.
  • Conduct data analysis- Consultants usually use tools and systems to analyze data collected in order to make the proper decision.
  • Develop solutions and implement them – This stage entails putting everything that has been decided upon earlier into action by carrying out the chosen course of action. Mostly, the organization is responsible for implementation, but occasionally the consultant will continue to be actively involved in the implementation process.

What should you look for in management consulting?

Before looking for Ronalds management consulting services, one must assess the following;

Success level

Always inquire about the organizations they have collaborated and worked with and the degree of project success. Some consultants can be excellent at selling you but they lack a successful track record. Because of this, it’s crucial to discuss the company’s prior experiences with a problem like yours.


Always conduct due diligence on the consultants team to verify if they are competent, objective and professional in the nature of work they do. You can identify this through their presentation skills and competencies when they send proposals for assignment. If a proper experienced team is given the assignment then be assured that the quality of work after completion of the assignment will impact the desired outcome. As independent members of Allinial Global we have access to over 26000 professionals who reinforce client service by exchanging expertise, resources and experienced advice.

How can you reach Ronald Consulting?

Located at 136 Manyani East Road, off Waiyaki Way our offices are open between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. You can also contact us here

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