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What are the Key success factors affecting the hospitality industry in Kenya?

The hospitality industry is affected by several factors. These factors are; in-house advertising, value offer, technology, innovation, client management, and a motivated workforce. What then can managers do to manage these factors to thrive and achieve success? In this article, we’re going to discuss key success factors affecting the hospitality industry and how they impact success.

How do these factors affect success in the hospitality industry?

These factors affect the hospitality sector internally and externally. Managers need to analyze these factors and discover how their operations can be affected. Here are some of the key success factors affecting the hospitality industry;


Innovation has made industries in the hospitality sector increase their returns, minimize their operating costs and satisfy demanding customer expectations hence achieving a competitive advantage. The application of new concepts, services, and products by hospitality businesses could result from the discovery and implementation of several types of innovations in areas of service, product, and supervision.

Employee empowerment

Because employees participate in the delivery of hospitality services, the sector is attention-grabbing from different clients. Due to this employees are required to deliver and perform extemporary services since it will affect the overall insights from existing and potential clients and the excellence of services offered. Managers should give confidence to staff to convey stupendous services to retain known clients and attract others.

Client  management

This sector needs particular consideration of the needs of the customers. The relationship between clients determines the overall success since they are highly correspondent. This can be achieved through having a software management system where client needs and demands are adhered to promptly and complaints are responded to correctly.


Technology is changing at every moment. Hospitality industries need to embrace this wave and respond accordingly. The sector could benefit from civilizing client communication to minimize operating costs, offer strategic opportunities, and optimize prosperity. The use of cutting-edge technology in hospitality services will allow for a positive customer experience.

In-house advertising

In-house advertising could assist hospitality businesses in knowing and appreciating how clients experience the services they receive to identify future opportunities for the growth of the sector.

Value offer

This factor should be customer centered and include benefits a hospitality sector is offering its clients and the approximate price it will charge.  Additionally, the hospitality businesses’ characteristics and value-added offers to the needs of the customers set the organization different from competitors. The value proposition should be the focus of analysts because it is essential to the success of businesses. The best cooperation between the desires of the customer and the expertise of the service providers should be well known.

Managing key success factors affecting the hospitality industry

Hospitality sectors are forced to reimagine their operations models due to increased competition. House, advertising is one of the strategies to use.  This technique will help employees have more understanding of the brand and establish a strategy that works for the organization. The resultant outcomes will enhance better communication and commitment. Managers of these industries should be at the forefront of implementing this strategy.

Customer relationship management is another factor that can be innovated to influence success in any hospitality industry. Customers make up the largest share hence innovative products and services should be offered. This relationship is built in all departments of a business and all employees should be involved. The goal of customer relationship management is to enhance customer courtesy and gratification.

Employee empowerment has become critical in the hospitality sector. This is the process of offering your workforce certain levels of sovereignty and control in everyday activities. It will improve proper decision-making, motivate them and improve creativity. Businesses empowering their employees perform three times better than those who don’t.


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