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End-Year Procedures for SME’s; Critical Considerations

Are you a small business and you are in the verge of doing your closing period of the financials? Year-end closing is the process in which companies inspect and update their accounting records (“the books”) at the end of the fiscal year. This is the critical final step in the company’s annual financial reporting process. […]

Reporting & Tracking in SME Accounting

An accounting report is a financial report that shows a company’s historical and current financial situation. Accounting reports are used by different stakeholders in the business, for example, customers to know the performance of a particular organization, suppliers to understand whether the organization is in capacity to pay them for goods and services provided, and […]


Can you access updated and real-time accounting information anywhere and at any time? If not, you should consider adopting a cloud-based accounting software for your business that is affordable, helps you make informed decisions, and manage your business. Businesses that adopt technology are more competitive, and successful and remain ahead of their competitors. Cloud accounting […]


What is Year-End Accounting Year-end closing entails the process of updating and inspecting accounting records “books” at the end of a financial year. The process is crucial in the final company financial reporting process. The year-end closing procedures detect any deficits and balances in the company books which are recorded and carried forward to the […]


Human Resource services are increasingly demanding particularly with the increasing number of remote jobs, that involves dealing with compliance across many states; most businesses struggle with recruiting and retaining top talent which leads to low benefits to the company. A PEO can help.  PEO employs employees for their clients; Organizations; enters an employment relationship with […]

Resilience in hard economic times for businesses in Kenya

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Kenya are facing multiple disruptions to macroeconomic uncertainties. In the face of this situation business leaders have to create resilient organizations to survive. They need to identify opportunities and threats created in this difficult time. In this article, we analyze disruption forces and uncertainties that are affecting micro […]

Corporate Training; What to know

Corporate training is the continuous provision of learning opportunities to company employees. The team is provided with knowledge and skills they require to perform their duties at a high level and become stellar professionals. Training is critical for the success of any business. The horning of employee’s knowledge and professional skills boost the target business […]

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