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Deal Advisory

Our Deal Advisory experts have deep transaction, restructuring and corporate finance experience across a variety of disciplines and industry sectors both locally and internationally. We see transactions through an “investor’s lens” and focus on helping our clients identify, evaluate and implement growth strategies and maximize investment returns. We offer assistance throughout the transaction life cycle, including due diligence, accounting advisory, buy-side and sell-side advisory, debt and equity advisory, integration and separation advisory, synergy and operational analysis, and other corporate transaction initiatives.

Corporate Restructuring and Feasibility Analysis

In the ever changing business world, restructuring to reposition the company may become necessary. We offer assistance in reorganizing the ownership, operational or other structure of the company for the purpose of making it more profitable or better organized to meet its present needs.

Our team encompasses financial, legal and tax experts who ensure that our clients receive quality advice and restructure for the better.

Financial Advisory Services

Sound financial management ensures that your organisation is able to meet day-to-day expenses, having enough product on hand to meet customer demand, having enough money in the bank to pay your staff on time and having enough capital ready when your business has the opportunity to grow.

Our financial advisory team is hands on in helping organisations to drive businesses towards favouring strategies with a strong financial underpinning.

In providing Financial Advisory Services, we take it upon ourselves to have a full understanding of our clients’ business, and the environment in which they operate in. This way we are able to propose and implement tailored strategies.

Human Resource Management

We offer support in the delivery of a client’s HR strategy and implementation of   systems and procedures in the areas of recruitment, training, assessment and rewarding of employees while at the same time ensuring compliance with  employment and labour laws. We design and develop effective and efficient Human Resource Management System for the client.

Ronalds LLP offers consultancy for following types  of HR System:

  1. HR Audit
  2. Recruitment and Selection
  3. Policies and Procedures
  4. Training on different areas.
  5. HR Outsourcing
  6. HR Compliance

Business Valuation 

Business valuation is the process and set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business.

Our   team uses various  tools  of the  financial  market to determine the price interested parties will pay or receive to effect  the  sale of a business. The same can also be used to resolve   disputes related to estate taxation, buy-sell agreements and many other business and legal purposes.

 Due diligence

This is  a deliberate and critical component of advisory in  which  we  undertake  to  evaluate the business industry position or status of an entity to uncover any risk, interests or opportunities that  may exist  in order to  help  the  client  make  an  informed business decision.

The process also involves systematically researching and verifying the accuracy of a statement, We also evaluate details before making a business decision and this process often involves a checklist and report of findings.

Strategic Planning &Management

Our strategic planning division’s purposeis to help companies in the process of defining their strategy, or direction, and make decision on allocating their resources in the pursuit of profitability.

We have a pull of multi-disciplinary skilled experts who ensure that your organization’s strategy is all encompassing ensuring that each facet of your organization is considered and well articulated in the strategic plan.

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